Blue Damsel Update July 8, 2008

by Blue Damsel Manager on July 8, 2008

Around here, the dinner table is where we get our fishing reports. Guests usually get off the river around 6, and by 7:15 they are cleaned up and ready for grub. The conversation inevitably turns to the trout that were, and in some cases were not, caught that day. 

Last night, over hungarian mushroom soup and grilled pork tenderloin, the fishing reports came in. Five guided boats fished various stretches of the Blackfoot with similar results. “Maybe 10 minutes,” one guest said, “longest time between hook-ups all day.” Although mostly on deep, double nymph rigs, the fishing the length of the Blackfoot has been superb. Lots of fish are looking for big stonefly nymphs and bright red San Juan worms. And with more and more fish looking at the top end of a hopper-dropper, we expect the dry fly fishing is about to hit the fan.
Today, there are several boats on the Bitterroot. Tonight, it’s cornish game hen for dinner. I’m forecasting another good report.

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