Fly Fishing Montana Brook Trout

Though not available on all our waters and not often targeted, these now wild fish are present and thriving.  The “brook trout” is actually a char commonly mislabeled everywhere as a trout. In order to grand slam all 4 species of “trout”, you probably need to fish Rock Creek or the Big Blackfoot. The Big Blackfoot River and Rock Creek present you with the best chance of catching a Brook Trout, especially Rock Creek. A more factual way to say it, without causing discussion, is to Grand Slam on all 6 species of salmonids, your chances are still better on Rock Creek, followed by the Blackfoot River.

Western Montana is known for dry fly fishing moving water (rivers, streams and creeks) for cutts, rainbows and browns. It is not widely known that huge brook trout and rainbows are targeted in Georgetown Lake, a beautiful, high, spring fed stillwater fishery.  The attraction is casting big dry flies, usually blue damsels or caddis, to 16”-26” rainbows cruising the shallow springs. But brook trout are caught there over 16” and some each year up to 20”. These are truly big brookies in a truly unique western Montana fly fishing environment.