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Springtime Dry Fly Fishing

by Blue Damsel Manager on May 20, 2011

We wrapped up our short pre-run off spring season with some great dry fly fishing. The whole month of April was intermittent cloudy weather in the 40s and 50s (and good mayfly hatches) , or sunny in the 60s with some really great skwala hatches.
Here is guide Adam holding David’s nice rainbow, on a very nice sunny April day with a great skwala hatch going on. Who says it’s cold in western Montana in April? We had 14 guests stay and fish with us this spring and everyone got into some very good sized fish. Thats what spring fishing in western Montana is all about!
After this big spring runoff, we will be in full swing again in late June. Expect frequent posts through out the summer and expect some very good fishing reports. This is really shaping up to be a great water year. Hope to see you here.

Spring is here!

by Blue Damsel Manager on April 16, 2011

Our first guests of the season arrived on April 6th and fished their first day on April 7th.

Here is Jim with his classic steelhead grip on a nice rainbow. He had two good days and one not-so-good day, but caught two big fish that day. Bruce had three great days on the Bitterroot. The skwalas weren’t really hatching for these guys and the air temps were in the 40s and low 50s. We were glad to see that. Warm weather bumped everything up two weeks ago and this is dropping everything back down. The Blackfoot and Clark Fork ars still a little off color, but should come into shape any day. Clear skys and sunny day time temps in the mid to high 50s are predicted for the next week. Fish on!

Chef Josh has added some wonderful new items to the menu, including a classic Boeuf Bourguignon, a seared duck breast, and some amazing new appetizers. yum!

We are off to a great start and hope to see you this season. Stay tuned for more reports real soon.

2011 Season Outlook-maybe best yet

by Blue Damsel Manager on March 11, 2011

We are one month away from our first guests of the spring and are very excited about how well things are shaping up for a wonderful season. The great news is that it has been snowing since October in western Montana and we have a record snow pack. We feel assured of good, cold flows all season. And that comes on top of two previous good water years, so we are really expecting a lot of good healthy, hard fighting wild trout all season long. We still have availability, and availability and cost, both ours and airlines, aren’t going to get better, so what are you waiting for?The whole lodge is available for a few dates, and you can book the whole lodge with a minimum of 8 guests. Of course we are booked full for some dates, but, if you are somewhat flexible on arrival, we can accommodate small groups, couples, and solo anglers during any month of the summer season. (If you are a solo angler, ask us about what we can do for you this season) We are just now entering our busy booking time, so there is no better time to get in touch with us about a fishing trip this summer. And, we still have availability for a few anglers this spring (just about anytime between April 6 and April 20), but please contact us about that right away!We hope to see you at the Blue Damsel this year. It’s probably going to be the best season yet.

The 2010 Season Comes To A Close

by Blue Damsel Manager on October 21, 2010

The streamsides are now crimson and gold and the flows are slick and cold. Bighorn rams are butting heads and guides without trips booked are bow hunting those rutting bull elk.. And the Blue Damsel check in file for 2010 is now empty, meaning the last of our guests for this season have come and gone. It has been a great season for us all, staff and guests alike. Some great meals, fellowship, fishing and memories for everyone! And we had quite a few “firsts”. We saw some guests catch their first trout and some catch their biggest trout. We had some folks play music along with us at the campfire for their first time and we took our friends from France to their first rodeo.
Fishing has been good and the weather has been great. It is supposed to be overcast, rainy and cool next week so good dry fly fishing should return then. We enjoyed the fall weather last weekend for the staff and family blowout end of season party. Keith is doing a little more fishing and some grouse hunting before he heads back to Texas for the winter. Thanks to everyone for a great season. Over and out for 2010!

Fall Fishing at its Finest

by Blue Damsel Manager on September 9, 2010

Pictured are angler Dawn Olson and guide Mark Elliott with Dawn’s Big ol’ Big Blackfoot cutt-bow. Dawn’s husband, Chris, says their 3 days provided some of the best fishing they have ever had. Hoppers are still out but fall is in the air and water temps, mayfly hatches, and trout are responding.
It is hard to believe we are already into this final fall phase of our season. Like most of this season’s guests, our good friends from France, Rene-Louis and Marc have come and gone. Josh continues to amaze with his meals and presentation and the fishing has really, all in all, been great all season. The lodge is full for the next two weeks with two back to back repeat groups and then there is availability from September 21 through Oct 3. We are looking forward to about one more month of great fishing and fun before we shut down for 2010. What a great year, thanks to all of you who have come out to fish and stay with us.

Great Fishing on the Last Day of Summer?

by Blue Damsel Manager on August 29, 2010

Pictured here are Greg Saltzman and guide, Adam Spenner, with Greg’s 21 inch Blackfoot River Cutthroat. Keith and Greg fished the Blackfoot with Adam on what was the hottest day of the year. The mercury finally reached 100 for the first, and it looks like, only time this year. Fish steadily took hoppers all day long. Mid morning, a trico hatch started coming off and small mayfly patterns were catching larger trout, until this big boy ate Greg’s hopper. The Blackfoot has been producing some incredibly healthy, thick, hard fighting cutthroats this season; an apparent benefit of the tributary restoration work and removal of Milltown dam.

We are looking forward to more great fishing on all our rivers as fall moves in on us. Just two days after this hot day, we are looking at a high of 58 today with misty rain, overcast, and tricos, PMDs, and Mahogany Duns having fish looking up all day. Fall is in the air, and there are a few slots remaining in September and early October. If you are interested, get in touch right away and ask about getting a free Helios rod.

Blue Damsel Staff Deputized

by Blue Damsel Manager on August 16, 2010

Police Chief Mike presented the Blue Damsel crew with caps, and the warning that they would carry no weight if stopped in his town! But they should come in mighty handy around the campfire in a few weeks. Pictured from left to right are Jamie, Chief Mike, Ariel, Barley, Josh, Keith, and Colin. If you are curious, you will need to e-mail or call to find out why Chef Josh is wearing that orthopedic boot? He is out of it now and able to limp around on his own power, somewhat. And he proved that he can keep wowing guests with his fantastic meals, even with “one leg tied behind his back”. Anyway, thanks to Mike and Kay for the caps, the good times, and the repeat trip to the lodge.

Mid Season "Wall of Fame"

by Blue Damsel Manager on August 8, 2010
Here are a few pictures of our guests and their trout from the first one half of the season:

Here’s Ron B. on the left with a nice Brown trout and Craig W. on the right with a long, healthy rainbow.

Mid Season Report:

by Blue Damsel Manager on August 8, 2010
It seems like the season just started and we are already half way through this summer season! Overall, the fishing has been very good, weather has been quite nice, and plenty of good food and fun at the lodge. High flows and salmon flies have come and gone. All the rain in May and June has kept flows and water temperatures very good and there has been enough cool weather in July to keep the weather and fishing good. July provided some very good golden stone, yellow sallie, PMD, and Green Drake hatches. Flows are dropping, and the August pattern of some mayfly hatches early and good afternoon hopper/dropper action has taken hold. But the days are already growing shorter and it won’t be long until fall is in the air.
Stay tuned for some photo postings from our guests.

The Early Bird Gets The Worm!

by Blue Damsel Manager on June 7, 2010

Jordan Needham, along with his guide, Chase Robeson, logged the first trout over 20 inches at Blue Damsel this summer season with this nice 21 inch Blackfoot Cuttbow. Jordan is here with his brother, Shawn Michael and his mom and dad, Janet and Shawn.

The summer season opened very smoothly and a little early this year. Runoff from snowmelt is long gone, but it has rained for several weeks straight and everything is running high and off color. It has been a little challenging, but our Blackfoot River Outfitter guides have been getting it done. It has involved a lot of scouting on their part, ranging farther than we would like to, and some still water fishing, but, as Jordan has proved, folks are coming back with reports of good fishing.

Salmon flies are starting to buzz around on the lower creek and, as things clear up, the hatch should accelerate it’s way up the creek as flows and clarity get better and better. There should be a lot of very good water very soon, and we are looking forward to some great fly fishing from then on.

Although the lodge is booked for much of the season already, there is still some availability for now through the planned end of season in mid October.