Fall is Coming

by Blue Damsel Manager on August 21, 2008

With two days of solid rain, most of us feel good about declaring us over the mid-summer heat hump. Sustained high-pressure systems brought lots of sun and high temps over the last week and a half, but it is safe to say the last several days have put the final nail in the coffin of potentially hard trout fishing conditions. 

As I write this blog, rain is clanking off the tin roof of the lodge and our rain barrels are slowly filling up. The meadow is looking greener than it has in months and the low-pressure has gotten trout looking up for dry flies. Yesterday, guests fished the Clark Fork just above Alberton Gorge, west of Missoula. They brought about 20 trout to the net with lots of fish in the 15-18″ class, and reported lots of silver heads gobbling hoppers and may fly attractors. We are still a far way from fall, but today it sure doesn’t feel that way.
As the staff gears up for the Blue Damsel’s busiest September ever, the prospect for trout fishing could not be better. Dates in the first half of October are still available, and we are eager to fill those slots. We have not had the opportunity to share fishing conditions like this in years. We think every angler should have the chance to experience Montana trout fishing during a cool, wet fall. So if you have some time in October, give us a call.
As always, tight lines!

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