Montana Fly Fishing Gear List

  • Fly Rod and Reel: 8-9 feet 5-6 weight flyrods, any single action reel with weight forward or double taper floating fly line
  • Leaders: 7-9 feet 3X & 4X for most applications, 1X & 2X for streamers
  • Breathable Waders, wading boots, wading jacket*
  • Lucky fishing hat (baseball style or full brim)
  • Sunscreen
  • Wading staff (if you want to wade fish)
  • Polarized sunglasses (eye protection is strongly recommended)
  • Insect repellent (just in case)
  • Fishing vest or chest pack
  • Fishing accessories & flies*
  • Fishing license (you can get it on line: or at any of the local flyshops)
  • Camera
  • Personal medications & toiletries
  • Clothing*

*waders & rain gear: Depending on the time of year, and conditions during your trip, wading sandals will make for a much more enjoyable time on the water, but quality, breathable waders, or good rain pants if you will not be wading, and wading jacket/rain jacket are a must for warmth and comfort.

*accessories & flies: If you have your fly fishing accessories, bring them. Nippers, hemostats, floatant, tippet, strike indicators, weights, etc. are only essential when you are doing self guided fishing, other than that, your guide will have what you need. Regarding flies, if you tie your own or have a stock you want to bring, check with us in advance of your trip. Obviously, certain patterns should be fished to correspond with our hatches, but something new and effective is usually worth talking about.  Your guide will look over what you bring and fix you up with what you need.

*clothing: lodge life is casual, relaxed and comfortable, but you will be outside a lot and the weather can change anytime of year. The keys to comfort are layers. If you start with good first layers (poly-pro or capilene underwear) and top it off with breathable, waterproof outerwear, the rest is a matter of personal preference. Some considerations are fishing shirts, bathing suit or quick dry shorts, fleece, and gloves and a warm hat (for spring, fall, or sitting around the firepit at night)

OTHER Fly Fishing Gear:

If you don’t have the strongly recommended first layers, rain gear, or sunglasses & want to get them here, the local fly shops are well equipped and competitively priced.

Washer and dryer are available if you get in a bind.

If you are looking for an alternative to checking your valuable gear at the airport, both Fed-Ex and UPS deliver to the Trout Bums office. You can just purchase the two way package from your carrier, and they will pick it up after your departure.