Georgetown Lake Fly Fishing

Georgetown Lake Montana MooseGeorgetown Lake fly fishing provides a truly unique western Montana fly fishing experience. If you like stillwater fly fishing, or just don’t mind it and can cast a lot of line you are in for a big treat. As summer heats up in July and August, so does the sight casting on Georgetown lake, fishing big dry flies to large cruising rainbows and brook trout.

Anglers that experience our Georgetown Lake fishing trips will be duly rewarded as the views from this high mountain lake in the Pintler Range just southeast of Blue Damsel Lodge are as beautiful as the trout you will catch. During the hot days of summer, big trout can be seen in the gin clear, shallow water of Georgetown around the cold emerging springs. Earlier in the season fly fishing Georgetown is more about more nymphs, leeches and buggers for those big boys. But in July and August, expect to be casting big damsel fly, hopper or caddis patterns, or maybe even callibaetis. Accurate, long casts are necessary but can be rewarded with truly huge fish; rainbows and brook trout in the 16”-26” range! And there is an added bonus of kokanee salmon in Georgetown lake as well.

Our fishing guides have the skill and the knowledge to fly fish Georgetown lake effectively. They can give you casting and rigging tips as well as some sage advice. The best thing about having a fishing guide here is that you will have a person to share your stories with and create some more.