Great Fishing on the Last Day of Summer?

by Blue Damsel Manager on August 29, 2010

Pictured here are Greg Saltzman and guide, Adam Spenner, with Greg’s 21 inch Blackfoot River Cutthroat. Keith and Greg fished the Blackfoot with Adam on what was the hottest day of the year. The mercury finally reached 100 for the first, and it looks like, only time this year. Fish steadily took hoppers all day long. Mid morning, a trico hatch started coming off and small mayfly patterns were catching larger trout, until this big boy ate Greg’s hopper. The Blackfoot has been producing some incredibly healthy, thick, hard fighting cutthroats this season; an apparent benefit of the tributary restoration work and removal of Milltown dam.

We are looking forward to more great fishing on all our rivers as fall moves in on us. Just two days after this hot day, we are looking at a high of 58 today with misty rain, overcast, and tricos, PMDs, and Mahogany Duns having fish looking up all day. Fall is in the air, and there are a few slots remaining in September and early October. If you are interested, get in touch right away and ask about getting a free Helios rod.

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