Happy New Year-in with the new, fond memories of the past

by Blue Damsel Manager on January 15, 2012

As we roll into a great looking 2012, we are just reflecting on the past season. There are some great memories and photos of really good times, great food, good music, new friends, and wonderful fishing. We made some new friends and caught some great fish; We also lost some memorable fish and good friends and choose to fondly remember the missed fish, past days, and departed friends.
We would like to share two links with you that remind us of the essence of 2011. The first was produced and directed by Craig Chiesa, who did a summer practicum with us as part of his program with the University of Montana. His friend, Thomas Caywood Vincent shot the video and put most of it together. Also, a special thanks to Bela Fleck and the Flecktones for the original sound track. The link will take you to the video on the vimeo site. This is only about a 2 minute video, but it is hi-def, on a hi-def site so it may take a while to download. To keep it from pausing, etc, just start it, hit pause and let it download before you watch it. It’s a really good little video that captures a lot of what the lodge and fishing is about.
The second link is to a You tube video of “US”, the staff house band last season, aka, Maren Wing and the Rock Bottom Boys doing an impromptu cover of a Felice Brother’s tune that was one of our favorite of the season. It is also just about 2 minutes and downloads really fast.
Enjoy and stay in touch. Still lots of good dates, but we are filling up fast for 2012. Hope to see you at the Blue Damsel this year.

Link to Blue Damsel Video:

Link to youtube music video:

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