Is It Summer Yet?

by Blue Damsel Manager on June 14, 2008

After a week of sopping snow and sunless days, we were relieved to wake up to blue skies and warming temperatures this morning. The spring has been the wettest and coldest in years, and although it bodes well for fishing in July and August, we are ready for summer. And this morning, it seems it is finally here.

Today the Creek is pushing water at 2,760 cubic feet per second. This is high for the third week of June, but the water is clear and there are reports of solid trout catching the length of the Creek. There have been good signs of Salmon Fly activity–dried exoskeletons line banks in stretches of the lower river–but we are still waiting for that sunny, June afternoon when the huge, orange bellied aliens hang from every branch and flutter high over the river like stoned humming birds. Today just might be that day.
As of last night, the Blue Damsel is back in business for the summer season. And with the prospect of wild cutthroats eating #4 dry flies, we could not be more excited.

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