July 23rd Fishing Report-Good news from Blue Damsel Lodge

by Blue Damsel Manager on July 23, 2011
Like this season, we’re a little late in “shaping up” and getting on track with our blog. Until a few weeks ago, we really didn’t know what to say and since then we’ve been busy gathering research (fishing). Our rivers really started dropping and clearing a few weeks ago-finally. Most of our waters have been fishing well the past few weeks and are really coming into shape right now. This has been a long time in coming.
Being cautious about the record snowpack, we booked our first fishing day this summer for June 21st, which has always been safely late. This crazy year, that was not even late enough for consistently good fishing on local waters. Everything was still running high and muddy. Fortunately the Missouri was fishing great and the Dearborn was fishing very good with good clear flows and good dry fly action. By our opening, we also would have either the Blackfoot or Bitterroot come into shape for a few days so no one had to make back to back trips all the way to the Missouri. All of our guests rolled with the flow, had some good fishing and caught some big trout. Both the Blackfoot and Bitterroot fish well in high water, if you know what you are doing, which our Blackfoot River Outfitter guides do so they have been pulling it off on those rivers for a month now. It has mainly been streamers and San Juan worms in the willows, but it has produced some big trout and, on the Blackfoot some non targeted bonus bull trout. Rock Creek has been flowing clear for about 3 weeks now and fishing very well with fish taking golden stone patterns and stimulators, as well as a broad variety of nymphs. Finally flows have dropped enough for wading the creek. The Bitterroot has had intermittently good dry fly fishing for a few weeks and is really looking good right now. And for the same few weeks the Blackfoot has gotten that still-cloudy-but-emerald green look that produces big trout.

Donna and Jeff fished 5 days and had great days on the Bitterroot and Georgetown Lake, as a few stellar days on the Blackfoot, as documented by her attached note and photo of a quickly released Blackfoot Bull trout. (Since a picture tells 1000 words, note the happy angler, smooth flows, and big bull!)

Hi Keith!

Thank you again for a wonderful stay at the Blue Damsel Lodge! As seen in the attached photos, we had an awesome trip!! Can’t wait to come back, 51 weeks and counting!!

Keith was able to get out on the lower Blackfoot for the afternoon on the 21st and trout were looking up and crushed a golden stone pattern all afternoon. Nice! In addition to quite a few goldens in the air, hoppers have grown to about 1 inch and there were still salmon flies in the air. In fact, fly shops are reporting it as a salmonfly hatch on the Blackfoot-on July 23-unbelievable!
The Clark Fork has started to get some good color in the past few days. We’d fish it, but why, with the Blackfoot and Bitterroot getting better each day? The bottom line is, it’s been a long time coming, but flows on all our western Montana rivers have dropped and cleared. Fish are hungry and insects are hatching. Runoff is finally over and it’s just going to get better. It certainly seems that we are assured of good, cold flows all season and correspondingly good hatches and dry fly fishing. Call us or e-mail about the few remaining dates we have openings this season.

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