September Caddis?

by Blue Damsel Manager on September 6, 2009

In this neck of the woods, we are proud of the size of our bugs. Kicking off with skwalas in March, there is always something big and nasty for trout to eat. Whether salmon flies, green drakes, golden stones, hoppers, or hecubas, there is a good chance fish are eating size #6-10 dry flies. In the fall, yet another fly shows up on our rivers.

The past few days we have seen more and more October Caddis, Montana’s largest species of caddis. The flies are enormous, sometimes covering two knuckles on your index finger, and fish love them. Skating huge elk hair caddis or orange stimulators at this time of year can be the ticket. And when a fish eats an October Caddis, they really eat it. It can be explosive–more akin to a largemouth bass eat than a trout–and the outcome is a pure adrenaline rush.
We are so pleased that the cooling days of fall are here. The fire place hasn’t been used in a few months, and we are looking forward to the sound of crackling wood and the smell of burning pine in the lodge once more.
We hope to see you soon.

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