The Trout Is Saved!

by Blue Damsel Manager on August 12, 2011

This is not the typical conservation story, but this fish was saved by Kirk Kanady, one of Keith’s lodge partners. Thanks Kirk! Any of you who have been to the lodge in the past several years know the trout sculpture displayed on the main level. This sculpture, by Missoua artist Jonathan Qualben, has been on display here for 4 years. Jothathan found a buyer for this, the last of his 8 foot trout sculptures, and told us he would make another one if we wanted to keep our old friend. And Kirk “threw down” and bought the trout!

Those of you who have been here this summer knew that we were concerned about being able to keep the fish and may be relieved to know that the big old trout stayes right where it is. Thanks again Kirk!

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